Tennis squad Lessons

Squad Training for Advanced Players

We have decided it is time to offer some squad lessons that cater to the players involved in competitive tennis teams. The program is designed to optimise the improvement of the players, motivate them and build their confidence. The sessions run for 2 hours and coaches Stephen Day and Head Coach Matt Rabenda, Craig Steyn and Javier Garcia run the classes. 

Our coaches will work on Stroke Analysis, Footwork & Movement, Point Structure & Tactical Knowledge. Advanced coaching drills will be used that are designed specifically to expose players to coaching techniques that enhance interaction between the players (6 per squad max). This is a vital part of the most advanced training methods and all players will receive personal attention while working in a team environment. 

Part of this program involves an hour of matchplay each week.

Places are limited to ensure the personal attention required.

All classes are held at Trumper Park Tennis Centre - Quarry Street, Paddington NSW 2021

Term 1 2018

Friday 2nd February - Friday 13th April (10 weeks)

Fridays 430pm-630pm  $325/10 week school term

TERM 2 2018

Friday 4th May - Friday 6th July (10 weeks)

Fridays 430pm-630pm  $325/10 week school term

TERM 3 2018

Friday 27th July - Friday 27th September (10 weeks)

Fridays 430pm-630pm  $325/10 week school term

TERM 4 2018

Friday 19th October - Friday 21st December (10 weeks)

Fridays 430pm-630pm  $325/10 week school term

Please call or email us on 02 9363 4955 or

Wentworth Tennis Junior Ladder

1 Jesse Gothelf

2 Maks Rabenda

3 Jordan Fleicher

4 Teina Day

5 Oliver Ruse

6 Zac Gothelf

7 Jake Fleicher

8 Ethan Fry

9 Casper Natkaniec

10 Guy Ruse

11 Caton Tan

19 Makary Rabenda

12 Louis Tucker

13 Jarryd Garwood

14 Tommy McCallum 

15 Chloe Miller

16 Sanam Maharaj

17 Ruby Miller

18 Rio Wright

19 Ethan Berkovic

20 Sol Bitton

21 Will Roberts

22 Cooper Levit

23 Shyam Maharaj

24 Jim McCallum

25 Ricardo Giamusso